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WEDL Placement Services Inc. specializes in providing cost effective, proactive career coaching services to people in search for new employment opportunities.  Our Career Coaching services cater to those in career transitions due to:  

  • Family Law Matters
  • Change in Household Structure or Financial Needs
  • Job Transition

We understand that being in a job search due to a divorce is very stressful, emotional, and at times even, unexpected.  The need for expert guidance, direction, and successful return-to-work resources is vital during this time of uncertainty.

At WEDL Placement Services, we work one-on-one with non-working spouses. Our “Let’s Get Working!” Program is proven to help people regain their confidence, learn proactive job search skills and how to effectively promote themselves as qualified candidate for jobs.  

Finding a job in today’s market is much different than it used to be.  We work with Vocational Experts to develop both labor market research and proactive re-employment plans that can positively impact case resolution and outcomes.  

The staff at Wedl Placement Services Inc. has helped people return to work in over 45 states in the country and has well over 100 combined years of employment staffing, recruiting and job placement experience. With hiring expertise in many employment sectors, cutting edge knowledge of current job search trends and access to different employment tools, we help people in transition feel confident about their ability to successfully return-to-work.