Why Wedl?


WEDL Placement Services Inc. specializes in providing cost effective, proactive career coaching and job placement services. We work with all vested parties to increase positive outcomes and lower the overall cost to customers by returning clients back to suitable and gainful employment in a fast and efficient manner.

The staff at WEDL Placement Services has well over 100 combined years of employment staffing, recruiting, and job placement experience. With hiring expertise in many employment sectors as well as a bilingual staff so we can access the hidden job market, approach hiring managers, and develop leads for our clients. We provide our services telephonically nationwide to lower costs for all parties and expedite return to work outcomes for clients.

WEDL Placement Services works closely with Vocational Rehab Counselors, Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants, Family law attorneys, and Vocational Experts to design an appropriate vocational plan and identify what success looks like for each client. Early intervention is critical during a job transition and the sense of urgency we have at WEDL helps our clients get back to work fast and at the highest wages.