Ms. Anderson had spent the last 22 years being a full-time stay-at-home mom. With the change of lifestyle her divorce brought, she was interested in returning to the workforce. Her biggest fear was that the gap in employment on her resume was going to hinder her ability to get hired.

WEDL’s Let’s Get Working program assisted Ms. Anderson’s job search in the following ways:

  • Created a value based resume that included her recent volunteer work and focused on the transferable skills she gained running committees at church.
  • Completed behavioral interviewing training and practice sessions, which helped Ms. Anderson learn to confidently present her past accomplishments in an interview setting
  • LinkedIn Training increased her networking skills that ultimately put her in contact with the company where she found her new position
  • Received one-on-one job coaching, which helped lower her anxiety and increase her confidence

Ms. Anderson is now a full-time Project Assistant with a large national volunteering organization. She stated that “The guidance I received from WEDL Placement helped me find a job that I never imagined possible at the onset of my job search.”


• 50-year old female, with a Two-Year Degree in Liberal Studies
• Entry-level work experience in the non-profit industry dating back to 1992 to 1997
• Highest annual earnings=$34,000 in 1997
• 22 years out of the labor market; husband earned approximately $350K
• 17-year old daughter at home; 21-year old son in college
• School volunteer and church committee experience
• No current resume or job search activity