When Mr. Jones was referred to WEDL Placement Services, he was in the middle of his divorce and had recently resigned from his job as a Youth Development Director. He wanted more flexibility with his work schedule for his kids and, as a result, was underemployed as a part-time waiter at Applebee’s. Mr. Jones needed help finding a job that is more suitable for his past work experience.

A Counselor at WEDL Placement reviewed Mr. Jones’s background and determined that he had considerable bookkeeping and accounting experience that had not been highlighted enough in his past job search.

WEDL’s recommendations were as follows:

  • To conduct a Labor Market Survey (LMS) to research and document suitable accounting and finance related positions that would match Mr. Jones’s background and wage requirements.
  • To develop a new resume highlighting more appropriate accounting related keywords in his work history to increase his chances of being seen by recruiters and not getting filtered out by Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • To train Mr. Jones on social media tools and how to increase his online exposure to recruiters and hiring managers.
  • To introduce Mr. Jones to new video interviewing techniques that would help him be more confident and competitive in a virtual interview process.

Mr. Jones was successful in his job transition thanks to the professional mentoring and job coaching services provided by the WEDL Placement team.


• 51-year old male, with a High School Diploma and three years college with no degree
• 25-year professional work history as a Youth Development Director, and Community Programs Director
• Recent Salary of $52,000/Year
• Independently resigned from position
• 16-year old daughter and 18-year old son in High School
• Working part-time as Server at Applebee’s