WEDL Online Job Club! Private

WEDL Online Job Club!

We try to record our weekly job club meetings and post them here for you to review if you have missed a meeting in the past. Feel free to review any of the job search content here or on our blog page at


Job Club 5-5-2020 Covid-19 and your job search.  Amending Expectations



Job Club 11-12-19-Job Search Strategies over the Holidays

Holiday Job Search Strategies 11-12-19POWER POINT

Job Club 10-22-19

Job Club 10-15-19 I keep seeing the same job postings online.  HELP!

                   I keep seeing the same jobs posted online-HELP!-Meeting Notes


Job Club 10-8-19, Social Media.  What does it have to do with my job search?


Job Club 10-1-19  “How to get an employer to call you back”

                 How to get Employers to call you back in your job search 10-1-19-Meeting Notes

Job Club 9-24-19  “Networking! What you’re not doing correctly”

Job Club 9-17-19  “How to Change Careers Due to an Injury” 

Job Club 8-27-19  What is Video Interviewing and why am I being asked to do it when applying to jobs?”

                  vwy-xzva-fmt (2019-08-27 at 09:29 GMT-7)Meeting Video

Job Club 8-20-19 What are “Key Words”, and why are they important in my job applications and resumes?


Job Club – 8-6-19 What questions do you have about your job search? 

                   vwy-xzva-fmt (2019-08-06 at 09:30 GMT-7)- Meeting Video

Job Club 7-30-19 What is the best time to apply to jobs-PowerPoint


Job Club 7-9-19 How AI effects my job search- PowerPoint



6-25-19 Job Club What to do after an application or interview-PowerPoint



6-18-19 Job Club-Do this, Not That.  10 ways to improve your job search.

5-28-19 Job Club-How to network like a Pro in your job search!

vwy-xzva-fmt (2019-05-28 at 09:30 GMT-7).mp4VIDEO

                         Job Club 5-28-19 How to network like a pro in your job searchPowerPoint

5-21-19 Job Club-How to use staffing agencies in your job search
Top 75 Staffing Agencies article:

5-14-19 Job Club-Time Management

4-30-19 How to use Social Media in your Job Search:

How to use Social Media in your job search 2019 –PowerPoint