Workers Compensation Success Stories


With a company-wide return to work rate of over 52%, we have plenty of success to share. A few of our recent favorites include:

  • Bill was a delivery driver for two years and was injured on the job. With an outgoing personality and past sales experience, the WEDL staff thought he could transition successfully into a recruiting position. We started making cold calls into temporary staffing agencies and secured an interview for him. Bill originally came in second in that interviewing process, but with encouragement to keeping trying and knowledge that they had more than one office, Bill called them back and asked for an interview at another office. Not only did he get an additional interview, they offered him a job on the spot earning 10% more than his AAW. The IMPACT of persistence!
  • John was 59 years old and motivated to return to work after his construction injury. John was light on transferrable skills, but he was a “go-getter” who was excited to learn new things so WEDL jumped at the opportunity to provide him with networking training. He made 30 networking phone calls to friends and former co-workers resulting in a referral to someone who worked in a large corporate maintenance department. John was invited in to meet with the manager regarding a facilities maintenance position that was not yet posted. He was hired 10 days later at 90% of his AWW! The IMPACT of networking!
  • Tammy was an injured worker re-entering the job market as a 55 year-old woman after over 2 years of unemployment. She struggled with self-confidence and felt that she could not secure a new job due to her lack of college education. She did have graphic design experience and, through researching the packaging industry, WEDL learned that her background in design was a valuable and highly sought after skill in that industry. We completed cold calling skills training and had her practice with a WEDL staff member in a mock exercise. Through placing cold calls to a target list of packaging companies, Tammy successfully secured a part-time job that paid her more that her entire AWW.