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Labor Market Research

Obtaining accurate and timely labor market research is important to any vocational
professional evaluating a client’s ability to return to the workforce.

WEDL Placement’s ability to effectively communicate with employers, telephonically,
via email or social media tools, allows us to get difficult labor market research in a fast
efficient manner.

Labor Market Research results include:

  • Employer/Hiring Manager contact information
  • Answers to questions regarding potential jobs that are being inquired about
  • Wage information
  • Job duties and physical demands
  • Job Requirements (Both experience based and education related)
  • Gathering information regarding other similar job categories
  • Obtaining information regarding current job openings
  • Researching national, state or local employment statistics and wage information

Our team members are experts at communicating with the appropriate Hiring Managers and Human
Resource contacts nationwide to obtain this important research data for our customers. Our staff
has over 100 years of recruiting and staffing industry experience which gives us the edge to get the
labor market research you need.