Interview Skills


Behavioral interview questions focus on how applicants handle real-life scenarios they may encounter in the workplace, and how they have handled similar situations in previous roles. Asking these types of questions helps employers better understand an applicant’s thought process and assess their problem-solving, self-management and communication skills.

Before the interview, WEDL has our clients prepare success stories from a variety of experiences that highlight their skills, qualities, strengths, and value.  By being prepared to give examples of quality work they have done in the past, gives the employer a clear idea of how they will be successful at their company



WEDL Placement Services Inc. now partners with MyInterview and gives our clients across the United States access to video interviewing tools that will help them practice and feel more confident when they encounter their first video interview. MyInterview is a cloud-based video interviewing solution designed to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools like video interviews are becoming increasingly common in the selection process of applicants. Thousands of large and medium sized companies today are utilizing video interviewing to lower their hiring costs and shorten their speed-to-hire.

WEDL believes a prepared client will be a successful client.  This innovative tool is just another way that WEDL Placement helps ensure successful outcomes with our clients!