Surprising data on new job postings during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Earlier this week, a recruiter friend of mine encouraged me to look at the number of new jobs being posted online.  After doing some searching on in the Minneapolis, / St. Paul market, I was surprised and encouraged at the number of new job postings for mid-level jobs and above jobs. With unemployment numbers increasing each day, it would seem natural to assume that companies are not hiring or are taking a wait and see approach.

To my surprise, I found there were 5,600 new jobs posted in the last 24 hours in the Twin Cities!  40% of these new jobs had wages paying $45,000 or more and were in a variety of industries and roles, not just healthcare, delivery, and distribution.

Take Away:

This is good news!  I believe this shows that smart recruiters and companies are realizing that this is a hiring opportunity that has not presented itself for many years.  Although start dates may vary from company to company, strong candidates are still in demand, just like they were 2 weeks ago.

If you find yourself in a job search, don’t let the unemployment numbers lead you to assume there are no jobs out there, or that you should pause your search.  Job seekers that stay active during this transition by increasing their visibility on social media and job boards, continuing to network, and proactively following up with opportunities will find themselves well ahead of those that do nothing and wait.

Let’s Get Working!