Interview Prep in a Sizzling Summer Job Market

Just because the job market is hot, does not that mean that applicants can cool off on properly preparing for interviews.  Preparation is key to success in many aspects of life, including interviewing.

At WEDL, we work every day to prepare our clients for a successful return to work. Many times, that means helping them get ready to interview for jobs that they have not specifically done before, positions that require will them to articulate and use transferable skills that they have acquired in past positions that will make them good at what they want to do next.

Job seekers look for new lines of work all the time.  Many are seeking a different career path for a variety of reasons, such as more flexibility or better work-life balance, so it’s important for job seekers, especially those returning to work after a work comp or long-term disability leave, to remember to focus on the skills and value they will bring to the job, and not the reason they are seeking a new line of work. 

We’d like to share some common keys to successful interview preparation that can help prepare the job seekers in your life, whether that is you or someone you are guiding through the process. 

  1. Know the job. Take time to read the entire job posting and research the company online. 
  2. Know yourself. Take time to review your resume and think about why you would be a good candidate for the job. 
  3. Align your skills with the job requirements. Put the job posting side by side with your resume.  Highlight experiences that align with what they are seeking. Prepare talking points that will help you articulate those skills and capabilities. 
  4. Have a strong “tell me about yourself” introduction pitch at the ready. Make sure it introduces what you have done professionally in the past, what you would like to do next (citing the job you are interviewing for), and, most importantly, why you would be good at it.  Leave personal details out of it. 
  5. Practice responses to common interview questions. If you get stumped on a question during the interview, don’t panic.  Simply say, “that’s a good question.  Give me a moment to think about it.”  Then respond.
  6. Prepare good questions.  What do you want to learn during the interview?    
  7. Smile. A smile conveys confidence.
  8. Get a good night’s sleep.  Once you have prepared, put it away and give yourself some time to relax knowing that you are ready to go!  Review your notes the next morning.

With proper preparation, applicants will increase their chances of moving on in the process and receiving a job offer!