5 tips on how to conduct a diligent job search during the coronavirus (COVID19) slowdown?

These are unprecedented times we are living in.   People conducting a job search might be wondering what is going to happen to the job market.  We don’t know the definitive answer to that, but we do know that the best thing to do right now is to stay active in your search process.  Use this time to research target companies, build your LinkedIn network and improve your job search skills.   Video interviewing is one skill that will be necessary during, and after, this crisis.  Having patience, building a game plan and focusing on what you can control, your activity, will be helpful in the long run.

  • Treat this time of uncertainty as a temporary slowdown in hiring. Simply because fewer job postings are active today than normal doesn’t mean that companies don’t have the need.  When they are ready to hire again, they will need people immediately.  Be ready!



  • Increase your exposure! Try using keywords like “Work from Home” on your resume will help you be noticed by Bots and Applicant Tracking Systems identifying qualified candidates.


  • Update your online profiles every 2-3 weeks. Make sure your resumes on job board resume databases are updated on a regular basis.  Recruiters and Bots don’t search for resumes older than 30 days.


  • Follow your target companies on their social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Companies will be communicating via these resources more often during this unique time.