• "Nationwide Telephonic Job Placement Services. Returning individuals back to suitable and gainful employment in a fast and efficient manner!"
New Job Ahead!Hidden job marketLarge embraced group of Various Occupations people.
Our PROACTIVE job search techniques return people to work 10% more often than our competitors!

We do more than write generic resumes for our clients and give them job boards to search through.  Our sales approach to job search get our claimants back to work fast!

We access the hidden job market, find more job opportunities, and re-employ more people!

At Wedl Placement Services, we don’t wait for jobs to be posted by companies on line–we COLD CALL employers to find our clients quality jobs with less competition!  

Our Job Placement Specialists have vocational expertise in many employment sectors as well as bilingual staff.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in recruiting, staffing and job placement!

"Wedl Placement Services consistently increases the number of positive outcomes in our office by 50%!"
~ Assurant Employee Benefits

Job Placement Services

Today, as few as 20% of all open jobs are posted publicly on job boards or in newspapers.  That means up to 80% of all active job openings are in the “Hidden Job Market.”

Workers Comp and Long Term Disability

Wedl Placement Services Inc. successfully works closely with Disability Case Managers, Vocational Rehab Counselors, Claims Adjusters, and Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants to design an appropriate vocational plan and begin work with claimants within days of referral.





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